15 Best Victoria Falls Tours for 2023

In this post, we will explore the Best Victoria Falls Tours for 2023.

By the sheer volume of water pouring down, Victoria Falls is considered the world's tallest waterfall and the world's most impressive spectacle.

It is known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates as “the Smoke that Thunders.” It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and one of Africa's most famous and frequented tourist attractions.

In addition to the Falls, the area is regarded as Africa's Adventure Capital, with opportunities to go white-water rafting, flying in a helicopter or microlight for a bird's-eye view of the Falls, and bungee jumping off a historic bridge to get your heart racing.

Victoria Falls is easily linked with other African attractions and frequently culminate in an exhilarating safari journey.

Here are some of our favorite Victoria Falls Tours for you to consider for your personal travel plans in 2023.

I must advise that you should brace yourself for an action-packed adventure on this tour.

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The 15 Best Victoria Falls Tours for 2022

Let us now explore the 15 Best Victoria Falls Tours for 2022.

Victoria Falls Flight of the Angels Helicopter Flight.

On this spectacular Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight, you will be able to see the stunning Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, and Batoka Gorge from above. The “Flight of Angels” helicopter flight is the most popular of Victoria Falls Tours. You will arrive at the helicopter pad, which is surrounded by the spectacular natural backdrop of Victoria Falls.

A friendly member of staff will provide a quick but comprehensive safety briefing and point out your helicopter flight path on a beautifully detailed map.

Following that, you'll board the chopper and the thrill will begin. Following a flawless take-off, you'll make your way to Victoria Falls.

As you reach the falls, the excitement rises. Only from a helicopter flight can the overwhelming enormity of Victoria Falls be really appreciated.

The helicopter will perform a sequence of counter-clockwise and clockwise turns. This provides passengers on both sides of the chopper with spectacular views of the Victoria Falls and Batoka Gorge below.

After completing a series of orbits, the helicopter will begin its return to the helicopter pad. You will soar upriver for a brief period. The helicopter provides wonderful views of the Zambezi River.

After flying over Kalunda Island, they make a left turn and prepare for landing. Once you've safely landed, you'll be able to watch some images and a video of your adventure. These photographs and DVDs documenting your helicopter journey are for sale.

Following that, you will be returned to your lodgings to prepare for your next Victoria Falls experience.


  • Helicopter flights are available.
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the hotel
  • The vehicle is equipped with air conditioning.
  • Pilot/guide.


  • National Parks fees of US $15 per person need to be paid on the day of the activity.
  • A few bites and a few beverages
  • Photographs and DVDs are available for purchase.

Details of Departure

  • There is a pickup service for travelers.
  • Hotel pickup is available. See if your hotel is listed on our checkout page.


  • 1 hour

Additional information

  • It cost $150 per person
  • Reservations are confirmed upon booking.
  • Inaccessible to wheelchair users
  • Pick-up timings are estimations and are always subject to change.
  • Indicate the location of your pickup
  • The combined weight of all passengers: 600kg
  • It is less than a ten-minute walk to public transit.
  • Babies must be lapped
  • There are no concerns about the heart or other significant illnesses.
  • The majority of travellers are welcome to join.
  • A favorable climate is required. If the event is canceled due to inclement weather, a replacement date will be suggested.
  • This tour/activity has a limit of 10 participants.

Dinner Cruise on the Zambezi River

Dinner Cruise On The Zambezi River
Dinner Cruise on the Zambezi River

One of the best meal options while in Victoria Falls is a Dinner Cruise. You'll have a great time relaxing on a dinner cruise to Victoria Falls. It is, in fact, a luxury safari on the water.

A dinner boat while on a safari in Victoria Falls is a terrific eating option. You will enjoy a magnificent gourmet meal as you overlook the Falls, with a four-course meal including wines, local beers, and coffee, which you will be served on the Victoria Falls Dinner Cruise.

On the way down to the Victoria Falls, dinner cruise patrons will experience the view of the Zambezi River as the river cruises towards the falls. This is where you can view the spray from the waterfall. After you have gained some distance from the Zambezi River, you will head upstream to catch the rising sun. An absolutely breathtaking Zambezi River sunset is in store for you. 

At sundown, the first course of your dinner is brought to you. While enjoying the warm African evening, you will continue to cruise up the river, because you will be enjoying your delicious dinner. Each meal served onboard has been prepared by chefs who have extensive experience. 

Dinner cruises on Victoria Falls are a wonderful way to spend an evening, particularly if you enjoy the tranquil setting. One could say that a Safari on Water truly is a luxury excursion.

The dinner cruise is available on either the luxury-style Zambezi Reflections or the safari-style Ma Robert. The boats offer a floating restaurant experience in the middle of the river. This cruise is really reasonable when you consider the fact that it includes a four-course supper with the opportunity to see the sunset as well. 

A standard sunset cruise should return to the port no later than 6 pm. You also have the luxury of floating down the Zambezi River on a dinner cruise to enjoy a delicious meal until 8 pm if you opt for a Victoria Falls dinner cruise.

In addition to being a light meal, the dinner cruise menu offers an artisanal smoked and cured meat starter platter along with a balsamic demi-glaze. Then, the chef prepares the diner's daily soup, which is made with homemade bread rolls. In addition to seasonal vegetables, the main course is accompanied by roasted potatoes. 

Your dishes include various cuts of beef with red wine jus, a bream fillet served with a lemon butter sauce, and chicken stuffed with vegetables. Of course, you can indulge in a summery refrigerator cheesecake or a selection of sliced fruit when you finish eating.


  • 4-course dinner
  • Drinks
  • Transfers from hotels in Victoria Falls


  • US$10 per person for National Park entrance costs

Additional Information

  • It cost $75 per person

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Shearwater Adventure Jet Boat

The Adventure Jetboats, powered by 465 horsepower, will whisk you up the rapids and into the boiling pot, directly beneath the falls. The waterfalls' true force and ferocity can only be understood from below, covered in their spray.

After leaving the boiling pot, the jet boat will whisk you down rapids and around tight twists as you travel down the Batoka Gorge.

Because safety is paramount, the jetboat was custom-built for the Zambezi, and the captains have undergone additional training. They'll guarantee you have the trip of a lifetime and then safely transport you home.


  • Personal guide


  • Park admission fees

Livingstone Island and Devil's Pool Walking Safari

Livingstone Island And Devils Pool Walking Safari2

These Victoria Falls tours include visits to Devil's Pool and Livingstone Island.

After strolling down the Zambian side of Victoria Falls and exploring Livingstone Island, swim out to Devil's Pool, a secluded refuge on the edge of Victoria Falls.

This small-group trip has a maximum of eight participants to guarantee that your guide can provide you with customized attention.

-Victoria Falls tours with Livingstone Island, and Devil's Pool

-A daring method of viewing UNESCO-listed waterfalls

-Experience the falls from a variety of perspectives not available on standard Victoria Falls tours.

-Small group trip with a maximum of eight participants for a more tailored experience


  • Drinks
  • Breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea
  • Local guide
  • A boat voyage to Livingstone Island from the departure point
  • Swimming with a guide in Devils Pool and a walking tour of Livingstone Island
  • Tour with a small group (maximum 8 people per group)


  • Fees for visas, if applicable
  • Entrance fees to the park (US $20 for international visitors) must be paid in cash.
  • Pick-ups and drop-offs at hotels (A return transfer within Victoria Falls town can be arranged for US $15 per passenger.
  • The price does not include Zambian or Zimbabwean visas.

Please ensure that you have a multiple-entry visa for Zimbabwe and that you will be eligible for a Zambian visa at the border post.

Private Guided Tour of the Falls

When visiting Victoria Falls, a Victoria Falls Guided Tour is a must-do experience.

At the start of the journey, as you enter the Victoria Falls rain forest. You'll notice a difference in the vegetation. This natural rainforest was formed as a result of the continual spray from Victoria Falls.

While admiring the magnificence of Victoria Falls, explore the unique rain forest, feasting your eyes on amazing plants and birdlife. You will be taken through the rainforest and will have the opportunity to halt at various viewpoints along the way. As you take in the sheer magnitude of Victoria Falls, you will be in awe. This is a genuinely inspirational experience.

Between April and June, Victoria Falls will be in full flood. Wear a raincoat during these months to avoid being soaked by the Falls' spray.


  • Victoria Falls tour with a guide
  • Transfers from hotels in Victoria Falls


  • Fees for National Parks are $30 per person.

Chobe Day Trip From Victoria Falls

Chobe day excursion, one of Victoria Falls Tours, offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness some of Africa's best wildlife watching. A Chobe day tour is designed for people staying in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) who wish to spend the day in Botswana's Chobe National Park.

If you are visiting Victoria Falls and do not have time to stay in the Chobe for several nights, a Chobe day excursion is highly recommended.

Chobe National Park is located less than an hour from Victoria Falls and is home to one of Africa's biggest wildlife populations. It is surrounded by the banks of the magnificent Chobe River and is renowned for its large elephant and lion populations.

Daily departures from Victoria Falls for the Chobe day tour begin with a road transfer to the Botswana (Kazangula) border. After clearing immigration and meeting your Botswana guide, you'll head to the Chobe River for an early morning game cruise.

This boat safari provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore the Chobe National Park's abundant wildlife from the banks of the Chobe River.

After that, lunch is given at the magnificent Chobe Safari Lodge. Throughout the Chobe Day Trip, refreshments will be given.

After lunch, you'll embark on an open game drive vehicle into Chobe National Park. The afternoon's land-based safari takes you deeper into the Park, where you can spot the Park's elusive big cats, enormous elephants, and other big game species.

Following a full day in the Chobe, you'll proceed to the border station and begin your journey back to Victoria Falls.


  • Transfers from hotels in Victoria Falls
  • Drinks 
  • Lunch 
  • Drinks Lunch 
  • Licensed guide
  • Cruise on the Chobe River
  • Game drive in Chobe National Park


  • Fees for visas, if applicable

White Water Rafting in Victoria Falls

White Water Rafting

Below Victoria Falls is white water rafting on the Zambezi River, widely considered to be the world's best and biggest grade 5 white water rafting.

You'll start the ride in the boiling pot, where you'll navigate some of the iconic rapids: “The Overland Truck-eater,” “The Mother,” “Gnashing Jaws of Death,” and the grade 5 rapid of the day, “Oblivion.”

You will experience unparalleled thrills as rafting experts guide you down the rapids of the majestic Zambezi River.

In addition to Victoria Falls, there are two rafting seasons in the area. This water level is caused by the Zambezi River. Low water rafting runs from August to December.

These are the optimum times of year to do so, as you begin your rafting excursion from the boiling pot straight under the Victoria Falls.

The rapids grow more difficult as the water level lowers. You will negotiate rapids 1 to 19 during the low water season. Many of these rapids are considered class 5 rapids.

Rafting in Victoria Falls occurs between January and February, and June and July.

When the water level becomes elevated, the adventure of white water rafting begins. Since the Victoria Falls are flowing at a dangerous rate this month, starting at rapid number 1 is not possible.
Rapid 11, which is 10 km downstream of Victoria Falls, is where the high-water rafting trip begins, and it ends at rapid 23.


  • Drinks
  • Lunch
  • Transfers from Victoria Falls Hotels


  • National Park entrance fees are US$10 per person.
  • Photographs and DVDs are available for purchase.

Victoria Falls Bridge Slide: Tandem- Zip Line ( Foofie Slide)

This enjoyable and moderately challenging bridge slide will afford you fantastic views of Victoria Falls as you ride through the gorge.

As one of the best Victoria Falls tours, the bridge slide is a thrilling and welcoming attraction for kids and adults. You may choose to perform a bridge slide without a friend, or with the support of a friend. The bridge slide begins from the edge of the Zambian side of the Batoka Gorge, slides down 300 meters into the Batoka Gorge, then stops on the Zimbabwean side of the bridge, providing an unforgettable view of the Victoria Falls before gently coming to a stop.

Bungee jumping, swinging from a bridge and the Big Air Experience are all fun activities to attempt if you want something truly exhilarating.


  • Sliding bridge
  • The shuttle service departs from town at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.


  • Transfers to the swing bridge over the river
  • Available for purchase are photographs and DVDs.

Additional Information

  • It cost $47 per person.

Sunset Cruise

This is the crowning achievement of Victoria Falls Tours. Here, you may cruise upstream at dusk to capture the African sun, watch untamed herds rush to the riverbanks for a final drink, and glide above the waterline as the sun sets behind the African horizon.

On a luxury Zambezi River cruise, take in the setting African sun. Enjoy a selection of beverages and canapés cooked fresh onboard. With your camera, create golden memories.

You'll stop at the Victoria Falls spray on your route to Victoria Falls, which may be seen from here.

Then continue upstream to witness the Zambezi River's sunset. Sunset over Victoria Falls is one of the most stunning scenes you will ever see.

On the Luxury Sunset Cruise, explore the first two levels of the opulent Zambezi Explorer. Consider scheduling the Signature Sunset Cruise on the upper deck of the Zambezi Explorer for a more opulent experience.


  • Drinks
  • Canapés
  • Access to a posh rooftop terrace
  • Transfers from Victoria Falls hotels


  • $10 per person for entrance fees to National Parks

Boma Dinner, Dance and Drum Show in Victoria falls Town

Enjoy a memorable evening at Victoria Falls' The Boma Dinner & Drum Show, which features a four-course traditional meal followed by an interactive African drumming experience.

When you get to the boma, you will be given a traditional garment to help you get in the spirit. Prepare to be surrounded by an energizing atmosphere. The restaurant is filled with the aromas of regional specialties and barbequed game meat.

The Boma, which is partially open to the African skies, provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Your senses will be assaulted by the African tastes, sights, sounds, and scents.

Take advantage of Zimbabwe's warmth and kindness, as well as its people. After being seated, guests are encouraged to participate in a hand-washing ceremony and sample a local brew before the four-course feast begins.

At the Boma, food is prepared and served in the style and quantity of a sumptuous traditional feast.

For a little fun: Eating a dried Mopane Worm has become a Boma custom. If you are courageous enough to consume one, you will receive a certificate as proof.

The real fun begins after supper. You'll be treated to an interactive performance of traditional African drumming. You'll see exceptional performances by traditional singers and dancers.

The Boma Dinner and Drum show has grown in popularity as a must-do experience while in Victoria Falls. This is a memorable evening that you will not soon forget.


  • A traditional four-course meal
  • Drum presentation that is interactive
  • Transfers to and from Victoria Falls hotels


  • Drinks
  • Gratuity

Upper Zambezi Canoeing

Victoria Falls Paddling Company offers canoeing experiences in the Zambezi National Park.

They range from one day to three days and two nights. We provide two-man stand-in dome tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, and liners for our camping outings.

We take two to twelve people (special arrangements can be made for larger groups upon request). Our kayaking expeditions are suitable for people aged 12 and up.

No prior canoeing experience is required, but guests must be athletic and healthy.

Buffalo, elephant, Impala, waterbuck, hippo, crocodile, lion, leopard, hyena, etc. are common sightings. Birdlife abounds. Safari animals are not guaranteed.

Our canoe safaris start and finish in Victoria Falls.


  • Breakfast
  • Food and Drinks
  • Lunch


  • National Park and river usage fees

Victoria Falls Steam Train Dinner

A steam train ride during your stay in Victoria Falls transports you to a bygone age of luxury steam train travel. Relive history as you ride in majestic carriages to the Victoria Falls Bridge. 

The Victoria Falls Steam Train leaves from Victoria Falls Station, located behind the Victoria Falls Hotel. This is an appropriate departure place, as the hotel was constructed in 1904 to house employees constructing the Cape to Cairo Railway and the Victoria Falls Bridge. Zimbabwe Railways still owns the hotel building.

This opulent steam train will journey to the Victoria Falls Bridge and then to the Jafuta Siding, providing light refreshments before settling in for a gourmet supper and beverages.

The Steam Train has teamed up with the legendary Victoria Falls Hotel to provide you with this one-of-a-kind gourmet dining and safari experience.

The Steam Train is the ideal supper experience for the discerning guest, evoking the glorious age of steam and providing a view of the world-famous Victoria Falls at sunset. Following that, is a rarity of steam train safari through the African bush to the Jafuta siding.

The experience includes a four-course gourmet supper cooked by the Victoria Falls Hotel's outstanding chefs. All beverages, with the exception of spirits and champagne, are included in the ticket fee.

The steam train then makes its way through the wilderness towards the Victoria Falls Bridge. Once on the bridge, guests are welcome to exit the train and walk across the Victoria Falls Bridge. From here, you may watch the sunset behind Victoria Falls before returning to the station.


  • Journey aboard a steam train
  • Dinner
  • Drinks
  • Transfers from hotels in Victoria Falls


  • Gratuity (optional)

Victoria Falls Tram Bridge Tour & Lunch

The Zambezi Tram trip starts at the oldest building in Victoria Falls, the historic Victoria Falls Railway Station. After you check-in, you can enjoy specialty drinks, gourmet sandwiches, and freshly baked grissini on the tram before boarding.

The tram, with its open sides, looks like an antique vehicle from the past as it winds through a stretch of the National Park before coming to a stop in the middle of the iconically historical and historic Victoria Falls Bridge. Watch the Zambezi River and waterfall from a 110-meter high point.

Victoria Falls Tram Lunch Bridge Tour

At the Bridge Museum, an expert actor portrays George Andrew Hobson, the bridge designer, and entertains visitors with a dynamic, hilarious, and informative presentation on the history of the bridge and the several colorful characters that took part in its construction.

At the edge of the gorge is a serene location where you can rest and enjoy a range of nibbles, specialty gins, and fresh accompaniments. Take in the stunning vista as you prepare to go on your tram trip back to Victoria Falls, where you'll feel refreshed and inspired by the fresh air, historical backdrop, and the modern life that is so integral to the town.

The Victoria Falls Tram offers seven cushioned benches for twenty-one people. 6 of the tram seats, which are tram-style with a flip-over top, provide a spectacular view no matter which direction the Victoria Falls tram is going.


  • Exquisite drinks
  • Gourmet finger 
  • meal tram tour
  • Tour of the bridge and museum


  • Victoria Falls station transfers

Bungee Jumping Off The Victoria Falls Bridge

The Bungee Jump as a Victoria Falls Tours is without a doubt the most picturesque in the world. Even with the massive Victoria Falls as the backdrop, this leap will be the most thrilling one you've ever experienced because of the Zambezi River's powerful current beneath you.

Bungee Jump

Jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge, which is known for its bungee opportunities. Free-fall for 111 meters and have 4 seconds of pure excitement!

In addition to being thrilling, this is the most stunning bungee in the world. The majestic Victoria Falls forms the setting of the story.

Go to the edge of the bridge, extend your arms, and when I say “BUNGEE” jump. Rely on the fearlessness of falling from the bridge and hurtling down the powerful Zambezi River to feel the adrenaline rush.

The bungee jump requires that you be at least 15 years old.

There is a free shuttle bus service from the Shearwater Cafe in Victoria Falls town to the Victoria Falls Bungee Jump each day between 10 am and 2 pm.

Your passport is necessary for admission to the bungee bridge, but no visas or stamps are required.

Personalized DVDs and photos of every bungee jump are made available immediately after each bungee jump for viewing and purchase.


  • Bungee bounce
  • Shuttles depart at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.


  • The bungee bridge transfer
  • Pictures and DVD's

Victoria Falls Game Drive

This game reserve is 10 minutes from Victoria Falls Town and is conveniently located near the town.

The reserve has the Big Five living there. You will go on an expedition led by experienced rangers and in quest of the Big Five, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of Africa.

After the morning wildlife drive, a bush breakfast is served. A drive with food and drinks while watching the sunset over the African bush is always part of the game drive, even in the afternoon.


  • Highly skilled tour leader
  • Drinks
  • Bush breakfast (Morning)
  • light snacks (Afternoon)
  • Hotel transfers from Victoria Falls.


  • Gratuity (optional)

FAQs on Best Victoria Falls Tours.

1. What tours in Victoria Falls are 1 hour or less?

Ans: Tours in Victoria Falls that are 1 hour or less are:

2. What tours in Victoria Falls are taking additional safety precautions?

Ans: These Victoria Falls experiences are providing additional COVID-19 safety measures:

3. What tours in Victoria Falls are good for avoiding crowds?

Ans: These hidden gems in Victoria Falls may experience little crowd interaction:

  • Livingstone Island and Devil's Pool Walking Safari
  • Chobe Full Day Safari Trip
  • Victoria Falls Flight of the Angels Helicopter Flight

4. Which places provide the best tours in Victoria Falls for couples?

Ans: These are the best places for couples seeking tours in Victoria Falls:

  • Shearwater Victoria Falls – Helicopter Flights
  • Wildlife Encounter
  • Shockwave Adventures
  • Shearwater Victoria Falls
  • Wild Horizons

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