Exploring the Best Beaches near El Paso, Texas: A Sun-soaked Paradise

4. Las Anitas Centro Recreativo

Las Anitas Centro Recreativo is a serene and hidden gem among the beaches near El Paso, Texas. This secluded paradise offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and relaxation.

Enjoy the soft sands, clear waters, and lush greenery, making it an ideal spot for unwinding and recharging. Whether you're seeking a peaceful escape or a day of water activities, Las Anitas Centro Recreativo is your gateway to beachside tranquility, just a short distance from El Paso.

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5. Ascarate Park

Ascarate Park stands as the largest publicly accessible recreational area within El Paso County, dedicated to fostering a range of activities including sports, fishing, and picnicking. The park encompasses an expansive 18-hole golf course boasting a par of 72, along with a 9-hole executive course named the Delta 9.

The park's 48-acre lake is complemented by a picturesque lakeside boardwalk, a comprehensive aquatic center, as well as playgrounds and well-equipped picnic spaces. The responsibility for the upkeep and operation of all park amenities falls under Public Works.

Serving as a pristine and secure haven, Ascarate Park caters to the recreational desires of El Paso's residents. Beyond this, the park actively engages in shaping public policies and programs at local, state, and federal tiers, influencing the park's operations as well as strategies for recreational planning and funding, thereby enhancing leisure opportunities for the entire county population.

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