10 Most Romantic Resorts in Costa Rica for a Secluded Getaway

3. Villa Manzu

Villa Manzu, located in Papagayo, is a luxurious vacation rental that is run like a hotel. With a team of butlers and staff, hotel-like amenities, and sit-down dining complete with waitstaff, Villa Manzu offers a level of luxury that exceeds even the most opulent of hotels.

Romantic Resorts In Costa Rica - Villa Manzu

This is the stuff of dreams; it's no wonder that Villa Manzu is a favourite vacation spot for celebrities like the Kardashians, and even hosted Kelly Rowland's wedding (although not to Nelly, that only happens in Nellyville). Needless to say, your honeymoon at Villa Manzu will be nothing short of magical.

Each of the eight villa suites is its own private sanctuary, complete with two outdoor pools, swaying hammocks, a spa, outdoor bar, and access to surfing, snorkelling, golfing, and mountain biking.

The catch? Villa Manzu is only available for exclusive rentals, meaning you'll have to rent the entire place. But the good news is, you'll have the entire property to yourself, allowing you to indulge in complete privacy and relaxation.

While rates start at a steep $14,000 per night, the experience of staying at Villa Manzu is one that is truly priceless. So if you happen to have a loaded dad or are looking to splurge on the ultimate vacation, Villa Manzu is definitely worth considering.


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