125 Best Friday Quotes To Get Your Weekend Started

Check out our collection of happy Friday quotes to reflect on a great week. Enjoy!

Friday is a special day and a favorite day for many since it marks the end of the work week or school week.

Friday is excellent because it allows us to reflect on a fantastic week. It also marks the start of the weekend, free of work and school.

Most individuals look forward to the weekend with joy. From Monday to Thursday, you probably went to bed early. But on Fridays, you can go to bed whenever you want and not have to get up early the next day.

If you're like most people, who enjoy Fridays, these happy Friday quotes will help you reflect on a great week and get ready for the weekend.

Happy Friday Quotes to Reflect on a Great Week

Friday Quotes - Lou Brutus

Music always sounds better on Friday.

Employers are at their happiest on Mondays. Employees are at their happiest on Fridays.

It’s Friday! Time to go make stories for Monday.

I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too. Thursday I don’t care about you. It’s Friday I’m in love.

Oh! It’s Friday again. Share the love that was missing during the week. In a worthy moment of peace and bliss.

Friday is my second favorite F word. Food is my first.

Friday Quotes

This Friday, finish your work and be done. Look forward to the weekend and have some fun!

Make a Friday a day to celebrate work well done that you can be proud of knowing that you just didn’t put in time to the next paycheck.

On a Friday night, I like to go out because my friends, who have been working normal hours, just want to let go after a stressful week at work.

Fridays are the hardest in some ways: you’re so close to freedom.

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