How to Trick Your Brain into Doing Hard Things

If you're looking to achieve the desired results in your life, it's essential to put in intentional effort. The tasks that truly matter to you should be scheduled on your calendar to boost productivity.

In this blog post, I will share powerful strategies to help you overcome procrastination and achieve remarkable success in challenging tasks. You will master how to trick your brain into doing hard things.

Just remember, implementation is key. Let's dive into these strategies together and transform your approach to tackling challenges, shall we?

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How to Trick Your Brain into Doing Hard Things: Identifying the Why

Procrastination often arises when facing tasks we don't enjoy. To start, take a moment to reflect on why you resist certain activities. Do you find them boring, extremely difficult, or uncomfortable?

How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things

Understanding the root cause of your avoidance is crucial for developing a plan of action. We often know what we need to do to improve our lives, but we perceive these tasks as hard. By acknowledging the underlying reasons behind our resistance, we can take steps to overcome them.

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Strategy 1: Embrace Time Bounding

One common mistake is attempting to tackle too much all at once. Starting with an overwhelming to-do list can quickly lead to frustration and eventually quitting. Your brain naturally gravitates towards skipping hard tasks, fueling procrastination.

How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things

To combat this, embrace the power of time bounding. Begin with small wins by setting short time intervals for each task. For example, commit to working out for just 10 minutes instead of an hour. This technique can be applied to reading, studying, and even activities you typically dislike.

Once you get started, you'll likely find yourself engaged for a longer duration. I personally use time bounding for workouts, and it helps me overcome the initial resistance. The key is to begin with a few minutes and gradually build momentum.

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Strategy 2: Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself upon task completion is a powerful motivator. Known as “Temptation Bundling,” this technique involves pairing a task you want to do with a task you need to do. By associating the hard task with something enjoyable, your brain tricks itself into feeling motivated.

How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things

Rewards act as external incentives, driving us to perform difficult tasks. Find ways to treat yourself or engage in activities you love after completing challenging assignments. This positive reinforcement strengthens your motivation and increases the likelihood of task accomplishment.

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Strategy 3: Embrace a New Identity

To trick your brain into doing hard things, align your identity with the actions of the person you aspire to become. For example, if you want to be a confident speaker, start seeing yourself as a speaker and engage in speaking-related activities.

How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things

By consistently practicing the desired behavior, you reinforce this new identity. As you become more attuned to your identity, the hard tasks associated with it become more manageable. Focus on the process and actions, rather than solely the end result.

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Strategy 4: Rewire Your Brain with Positive Habits

Our brains thrive on routine and automation. Create habits that work for you, not against you. By establishing a consistent routine around tasks you deem important, they become easier to accomplish.

Just as you don't consciously think about getting home or brushing your teeth, you can automate other activities too.

How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things

Set a pattern for exercising three to four times a week or studying for a specific time on a certain day. By consistently practicing these tasks, you rewire your brain to view them as automatic, reducing resistance and making them easier to complete.

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Bonus Tip: Change Your Thinking and Find Purpose

Shift your perspective by emphasizing the positive aspects of the hard task and highlighting the negative consequences of not doing it. For instance, studying diligently prepares you for success, while being unprepared on test day can lead to disappointment.

How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things

Moreover, clearly define why you want to accomplish the hard task. Knowing your motivations strengthens your commitment and maintains your motivation in the long run.

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By implementing these strategies, you can overcome procrastination, trick your brain into doing hard things, and achieve the results you desire. Remember, taking action is crucial for real change. This week, choose the tips that resonate with you and give them a try.

Experiment with different techniques, and don't hesitate to adjust them to suit your personal style. Share your experiences with us and let us know which strategy works best for you. Together, let's conquer challenges and surpass our goals!

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