90 Happy Easter Quotes To Help You Celebrate The Season

As Easter approaches, we're reminded of the greatest gift anyone has ever received — that Jesus died on the cross for us. Celebrate the season with these Powerful Easter quotes.

Happy Easter Quotes

Use these sentimental Easter captions to share the joy of the holiday with friends and family via cards, social media, and even in-person greetings.

Also, if you're hosting an Easter meal, you can incorporate the quotes into your decor. To add a festive flair, simply print them on pastel-colored cardstock or frame them. 

It doesn't matter how you utilize the quotes; the important thing is that you share them with others. We don't know for sure, but they could provide the motivation for someone to make a fresh start.

Easter Quotes Rainbows For Blake

May the blessings of Easter be yours.

Best wishes for a happy Easter Day. May your future ever be as bright as the Springtime.

Happy Easter! On this day we celebrate how our Savior Jesus stood for us and took the punishment that we deserved. But it wasn't a sacrifice, it was a victory!

May this Easter Day find you in the enjoyment of health and happiness. Best wishes for a happy Easter.

Have a happy Easter as you gather with one another to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Let this holiday be a reminder of the victory that we have in Christ, who overcame death and has promised that we too will be resurrected when He returns for us.

The Lord came to earth with a life to offer, so all people may still live. Happy Easter!

In this beautiful season of joy and rebirth I'm wishing you a Happy Easter.

I am wishing you a happy Easter mingled with joy of all heavens.

Happy easter! I congratulate all of you on the day of Light, Peace, Joy, the pledge of future eternal life and bliss!

May the angels shield you. May unhappiness forget you. May goodness surround you and may God forever bless you. Happy Easter!!!

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