10 Private Beaches In Virginia You Probably Didn’t Know About

Virginia's beautiful coastline and waterfront attractions are ideal for a getaway at any time of year. However, the busy season, traffic, and crowds might be a deterrent to our vacation planning at times.

With that in mind, we've created a road trip that covers several of the private beaches in Virginia to ensure you have the beach to yourself—or at least without big crowds.

These overlooked spots, in our humble view, may be some of the best beaches in Virginia. So load up the car with sunscreen, towels, and plenty of excellent music, and prepare to admire Virginia like you've never seen it before!

Private Beaches In Virginia

These secluded beaches in Virginia will have you coming back for more sun, sand and surf.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, VA

Sandbridge is the best place to experience the pure joy of sun, surf, and sand. While still located along Virginia Beach's Atlantic Oceanfront, this spot is a little more isolated.

Sandbridge Beach

This coastal community is accessible only by one small road. Sandbridge is well-known for its beautiful vacation homes, abundant wildlife, and immaculate beaches. It's a popular spot for both sunbathers and surfers, so do as the locals do and head to Sandbridge.

Ocean View Beach, Norfolk, VA

Although Ocean View Beach, Amusement Park, which was featured in the 1977 film Rollercoaster, is no longer in operation, tourists can still enjoy the 6.5 acres of spectacular shoreline and boardwalk.

Ocean View Beach

Locals consider the park to be Ocean View's crown jewel, with green spaces, band shells for the park's regular festivals, and beaches now widened by 60 feet with new sand—talk about an upgrade!

Jamestown Beach, Williamsburg, VA

The Virginia Tourism Corporation refers to Jamestown Beach as a hidden gem, and for good reason. The beach, which is undergoing shoreline renovations, is open all year round for tourists to enjoy the sunshine and ocean views from its observation pier.

Jamestown Beach

For the family's history buffs, there is also the adjacent historic Jamestown Settlement.

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Yorktown Beach, Yorktown, VA

Yorktown Beach, which is a popular dining and shopping destination for beachgoers and is situated in Historic Yorktown, provides visitors with both a tranquil day on the water and a fun night at Riverwalk Landing.

Yorktown Beach

The two-acre beach offers a range of fun family activities like boating, fishing, picnics by the water, and more without having to worry about crowded areas.

Grandview Beach, Hampton, VA

The beachfronts, officially known as Grandview Nature Preserve, offer a variety of activities. Hiking and canoeing programs are available for guests who want to explore the beauty of the wetlands.

Grandview Beach, Hampton, Va

Others who prefer the comforts of the shore will enjoy beach combing along the tide and discovering shells, driftwood, sea glass, and other treasures.

Buckroe Beach, Hampton, VA

Buckroe Beach, with its calm shoreline and gentle surf, is open to visitors throughout the summer. It is one amongst the most secluded beaches in Virginia.

Buckroe Beach

Even though pets are not permitted at the beach during the summer, visitors can rent kayaks and picnic tables as well as benefit from on-duty lifeguard coverage.

Fort Monroe Beach, Hampton VA

Visitors to the Chesapeake Bay region can enjoy a variety of experiences at the Fort Monroe Beaches, which are completely encircled by water.

Fort Monroe Beach, Hampton Va

For those who enjoy the outdoors, the beaches are home to about 89 different bird species, 9 different tree species, and 249 different plant species. For those who want more, the Paradise Ocean Club offers memberships to access their private beaches, snack bar, restaurant, and club facilities.

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Huntington Park, Newport News, VA

Visitors will want to spend a few more days at Huntington Park Beach because there are so many things to do.

Huntington Park, Newport News, Va

Visitors can spend the day fishing at the East Coast's longest fishing pier, watching a game at the neighborhood city league field, strolling through the Huntington Park Rose Garden, or visiting the Virginia War Museum, the Vietnam War Memorial, or the Holocaust Memorial.

First Landing State Park's Chesapeake Bay Beach

Even when the summer season is in full swing, First Landing State Park's beach remains relatively uncrowded most of the time.

First Landing State Park

Because the water is calmer than the Atlantic Ocean, it is ideal for parents who prefer a worry-free beach experience with their children. Furthermore, the park has numerous trails that will introduce you to the area's unique mid-Atlantic habitat.

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Chic's Beach

Chic's Beach has beautiful Bayfront views. Pronounced “Chick's,” this stretch of Chesapeake Bay shoreline features calm waters and soft, lapping waves.

Chic’s Beach

Swimming, paddle boarding, or letting your dog run freely through the surf could be part of your beach day.

While Chic's Beach is less isolated than Sandbridge, it does not see as much activity as the famous Boardwalk. However, the restaurants here are delicious. The popular seafood restaurants serve some of the best food in Virginia Beach.


This list just includes a few of the best private beaches in Virginia, so be sure to share some of your favorites with us if they didn't make the cut!

FAQs: Private Beaches In Virginia

What is the least crowded beach in Virginia?

These are the most private beaches in Virginia that are the least crowded.

What beaches have the clearest water in Virginia?

Virginia Beach is well-known for its lively wave activity, but if you're looking for pure water, head north and dip your toes in at Buckroe Beach. Hampton is a tourist town with lovely places to stay and a lovely beach to enjoy.

The beach is much smaller than that of Virginia Beach, but the water is excellent for swimming, and visitors enjoy looking for sea glass here. Buckroe Beach in Virginia is an excellent choice for families.

What are the best beach towns in Virginia?

If you're searching for a laid-back feel, plenty of history, culture, and friendliness that you can only find in Virginia, head to one of the state's bustling seaside towns.

Virginia Beach is undoubtedly the most well-known, with its iconic 3-mile boardwalk and various restaurants and attractions along the route. Skip the crowds and enjoy a peaceful vacation on Virginia's Eastern Shore by visiting Cape Charles, Onancock, or Chincoteague.

What are the prettiest beaches in Virginia?

Virginia has some of the most stunning beaches on the East Coast. With hundreds upon thousands of kilometers to pick from, deciding on the greatest beach in Virginia might be difficult. Some are on the coast, while others are riverfront, lakefront, or even on the bay, and each is distinguished by a wealth of natural beauty.

Virginia Beach, Sandbridge, Assateague Island National Seashore, Cape Charles, Buckroe Beach, Colonial Beach, First Landing State Park, Chincoteague Island, and Bethel Beach are among the most beautiful beaches in Virginia.

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