17 Best Things To Do in Woodbridge VA

Nestled in Prince William County, just outside Washington D.C., lies the charming town of Woodbridge, VA. With its population of approximately 55,000 residents, this small suburban gem exudes a vibrant yet quaint beauty that captures the hearts of all who visit.

Woodbridge is a true haven, for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The town boasts an array of natural attractions that will leave you in awe. From its unspoiled state parks and nature preserves, the scenery at every turn is breathtaking.

Found within the borders of Woodbridge is the Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge, Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and Belmont Bay.

But there's more to this town than its natural wonders. Woodbridge proudly showcases its rich history, offering visitors the opportunity to delve into its intriguing past. You will discover the stories hidden within Rippon Lodge and the local museums, gaining insights into the community's captivating heritage.

More to its natural and historical allure, Woodbridge also caters to those seeking upscale experiences. Indulge in a shopping spree at the numerous upscale malls or treat your taste buds to an international culinary adventure at the town's diverse range of restaurants.

Woodbridge beautifully blends the best of nature and an upscale lifestyle, creating a harmonious suburban community that leaves a lasting impression. If you're curious to uncover the reasons why this place is truly remarkable, here are the 17 best things to do in Woodbridge, VA.

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17 Best and Fun Things To Do in Woodbridge VA

Prepare for an unforgettable journey that will highlight the essence of this extraordinary destination.

1. Rippon Lodge Historic Site

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Woodbridge, Virginia, lies Rippon Lodge Historic Site, a captivating window into the past. This 18th-century Georgian mansion, once the grand estate of Colonel George Mercer, offers a glimpse into the lives of prominent Virginians during the Revolutionary War era.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

As you approach the grand mansion, prepare to be transported to a bygone era. The elegant brickwork, adorned with white shutters and a columned portico, exudes an air of timeless grandeur. Step inside and discover a treasure trove of history waiting to be unraveled.

Immerse Yourself in History:

  • Explore the meticulously restored rooms: Each room whispers tales of the Mercer family and their contemporaries. The formal parlor, with its antique furnishings and portraits, evokes the ambiance of elegant gatherings. The cozy library, lined with leather-bound volumes, invites you to imagine Colonel Mercer poring over maps and military strategies.
  • Uncover fascinating stories: Guided tours led by knowledgeable docents bring the history of Rippon Lodge to life. Learn about Colonel Mercer's role in the Revolutionary War, his contributions to the founding of the United States, and his tragic death during the Battle of Princeton.
  • Wander the picturesque grounds: Stroll through the expansive gardens, where fragrant blooms and manicured lawns create a serene oasis. Imagine colonial ladies promenading amidst the flowerbeds or children playing hide-and-seek behind towering trees.

Beyond the Historic Walls:

Rippon Lodge is more than just a museum; it's a vibrant hub for cultural events and educational programs. Throughout the year, the site hosts a variety of activities, including:

  • Living history demonstrations: Witness costumed re-enactors bring the past to life through demonstrations of colonial crafts, cooking, and military drills.
  • Special events: Immerse yourself in themed festivals, holiday celebrations, and seasonal gatherings that capture the spirit of the era.
  • Educational programs: Children can participate in engaging workshops and hands-on activities that spark their curiosity about history and the natural world.

Rippon Lodge Historic Site is a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique and enriching experience in Woodbridge. Whether you're a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply looking for a beautiful escape, this hidden gem promises a captivating journey through time.

Pro Tip: Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a delightful afternoon amidst the picturesque grounds.

Planning Your Visit:

So, add Rippon Lodge Historic Site to your Woodbridge itinerary and prepare to be swept away by the charm and intrigue of Virginia's colonial past.

2. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Movie Magic with a Side of Fun

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema isn't just your average movie theater; it's an experience. Think plush recliner seats, gourmet in-theater dining, and a strict no-talking, no-texting policy (because nothing ruins a good movie like a chatty neighbor). But Alamo Drafthouse takes it up a notch with themed events, trivia nights, and sing-alongs, making it the perfect place for a unique and memorable movie outing.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Here's what makes Alamo Drafthouse Woodbridge extra special:

  • Diverse and eclectic film selection: From cult classics and independent darlings to blockbuster premieres and foreign gems, Alamo Drafthouse's programming caters to every taste. They even have themed series and marathons, like “Quentin Tarantino Tuesdays” or “Studio Ghibli Saturdays.”
  • Pre-show entertainment: Get pumped for the movie with fun pre-show trivia, sing-alongs, or even costume contests. Alamo Drafthouse loves to celebrate all things cinema, and their pre-shows are a testament to that.
  • In-theater dining: Forget stale popcorn and overpriced candy. Alamo Drafthouse takes movie snacks to a whole new level with a full menu of delicious food and drinks, all served right to your seat. Think pizzas, burgers, nachos, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and a wide selection of beers, wines, and cocktails.
  • A focus on the moviegoing experience: Alamo Drafthouse is serious about creating the perfect movie environment. They have a strict no-talking, no-texting policy, so you can focus on the film without distractions. The seats are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of legroom and reclining options. And the sound system is top-notch, ensuring you won't miss a single whisper or explosion.

Beyond the big screen, Alamo Drafthouse Woodbridge also offers:

  • A spacious outdoor patio: Perfect for enjoying a pre-movie drink or soaking up the post-movie glow.
  • A video game arcade: Challenge your friends to classic games like Pac-Man and Galaga before or after the show.
  • A private event space: Host your next birthday party, corporate event, or film screening in Alamo Drafthouse's private theater.

Whether you're a die-hard cinephile or just looking for a fun night out, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Woodbridge is definitely worth checking out. With its unique blend of movies, food, and fun, it's an experience you won't soon forget.

Tip: Be sure to book your tickets online in advance, as Alamo Drafthouse shows can sell out quickly.

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3. The Pfitzner Stadium

Calling all baseball fans! No visit to Woodbridge, VA, is complete without catching a game at the legendary Pfitzner Stadium, nicknamed “The Pfitz.” This 6,000-seat stadium has been the heart and soul of baseball in the area since 1984, serving as the home field for the beloved Potomac Nationals, a Class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

What's in store for baseball enthusiasts at Pfitzner Stadium:

  • Affordable family fun: Tickets are budget-friendly, making it a fantastic option for an evening out with the whole crew. Plus, they often have themed nights and special promotions, like $2 Tuesdays, to add to the excitement.
  • Exciting baseball action: Watch future baseball stars in the making as they develop their skills and compete for the top. The atmosphere is electric, especially during rivalry games and playoff matchups.
  • Classic ballpark experience: Grab a hot dog, nachos, or your favorite ballpark snack and enjoy the quintessential baseball experience. Between innings, check out the team mascot, participate in fun contests, or cheer along with the lively crowd.

Beyond baseball, Pfitzner Stadium also hosts various events throughout the year, such as:

  • Community festivals and concerts: From food truck rallies to live music performances, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Youth sports tournaments: Witness the next generation of athletes showcase their talents on the same field as their baseball heroes.
  • Private events: Rent the stadium for a unique and memorable birthday party, company outing, or any other special occasion.

Tips for your visit to Pfitzner Stadium:

  • Check the schedule in advance to see which teams are playing and if there are any special events happening.
  • Arrive early to snag the best seats, especially if it's a popular game.
  • Don't forget your sunscreen and hat, as there's limited shade in the stadium.
  • Pack your own snacks and drinks if you're on a budget, as concessions can be pricey.
  • Most importantly, come prepared to have a blast and cheer on the home team!

Whether you're a die-hard baseball fan or simply looking for a fun and affordable outing, Pfitzner Stadium is a must-visit in Woodbridge, VA. So grab your peanuts and cracker jacks, and get ready for an unforgettable experience at “The Pfitz!”

Pfitzner Stadium is located at:

7 County Complex Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192

Website: Pfitzner Stadium website: https://www.visitpwc.com/listing/pfitzner-stadium-complex/1748/

Phone number: (703) 792-5200

4. Potomac Mills

Woodbridge's crown jewel of retail therapy, Potomac Mills, is a shopper's paradise with over 200 stores sprawled across 4.5 million square feet. Whether you're a die-hard bargain hunter or a brand enthusiast, Potomac Mills has something for everyone.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Here's a taste of what awaits you:

  • Designer Deals: Dive into a sea of savings at the Nike Clearance Store, Adidas Outlet, and Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, where you can snag your favorite sportswear and apparel at a fraction of the price.
  • High-Fashion Finds: Indulge your inner fashionista at Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Coach outlets, where you can update your wardrobe with trendy pieces at discounted prices.
  • Family Fun: Keep the kids entertained at the Lego Store, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and Dave & Buster's, where they can unleash their creativity and have a blast.
  • Foodie Delights: Refuel after a shopping spree at one of the many restaurants, from casual chains like Applebee's and Panera Bread to sit-down options like California Pizza Kitchen and The Cheesecake Factory.

Beyond the Shopping:

Potomac Mills isn't just about shopping; it's also a destination for entertainment and relaxation. Catch a movie at the Regal Cinemas, test your skills at the bowling alley, or unwind at the spa. There's even a seasonal outdoor ice rink for some winter fun!

Tips for Navigating Potomac Mills:

  • Wear comfortable shoes – you'll be doing a lot of walking!
  • Check the store directory and plan your route beforehand.
  • Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi to stay connected and share your finds.
  • Don't forget your reusable shopping bags to reduce waste.

Whether you're looking for deals, trendy finds, or family fun, Potomac Mills is a must-visit for anyone in Woodbridge. So grab your wallet and get ready to shop 'til you drop!

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5. Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center

Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center isn't just your average shopping mall. Sure, it's got all the big-box anchors you crave (Wegmans, anyone?), but it's also a vibrant hub for entertainment, dining, and community events.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Shop 'til you drop:

  • Fashion finds: From trendy apparel at Chico's to stylish shoes at DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, Stonebridge has something for every taste.
  • Tech haven: Snag the latest gadgets at the Apple Store or upgrade your home entertainment at Best Buy.
  • Foodie paradise: Grab a gourmet burger at BurgerFi, savor wood-fired pizzas at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, or indulge in sweet treats at Red Mango.

Fuel up for fun:

  • Coffee break: Reenergize with a latte at Starbucks or cozy up with a tea at Teavana.
  • Happy hour: Unwind after a shopping spree with cocktails at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill or craft beers at Cava.

Catch some entertainment:

  • Movie magic: Catch the latest blockbuster at AMC Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center 16.
  • Live music: Enjoy free concerts and events throughout the year on the plaza.

More than just shopping:

  • Get pampered: Treat yourself to a massage at Massage Envy or a mani-pedi at Diamond Lotus Nail Spa.
  • Workout: Get your fitness fix at Orangetheory Fitness or CycleBar.

Bonus tip: Stonebridge is conveniently located right off I-95, making it a breeze to get to. And with plenty of free parking, you can stay and play as long as you like.

So whether you're a die-hard shopper, a foodie, or just looking for some fun, Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center has something for everyone. Make it a destination on your next trip to Woodbridge, VA!

6. Prince William Area 911 Liberty Memorial

The Prince William Area 911 Liberty Memorial in Woodbridge, VA, transcends a typical monument. It's a poignant tribute to the victims and heroes of the September 11th attacks, specifically those in the Pentagon and American Airlines Flight 77.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

A Beacon of Remembrance:

  • The centerpiece is a 40-foot-tall steel beam from the Pentagon, salvaged from the wreckage. Its weathered surface whispers of the tragedy, etched with the names of the 184 victims who perished that day.
  • A circular plaza surrounds the beam, engraved with the names of the 33 passengers and crew of Flight 77 who lost their lives.

Beyond Loss, a Celebration of Courage:

  • The memorial doesn't just dwell on loss. It celebrates the bravery of first responders and ordinary citizens who rose to the occasion on 9/11.
  • Sculptures depict firefighters raising the American flag at Ground Zero and ordinary people helping each other in the aftermath.

A Space for Reflection and Healing:

  • The serene setting, with its meandering pathways and benches, offers a sanctuary for quiet contemplation and remembrance.
  • Visitors can leave mementos or messages of hope on a designated wall, creating a collective thread of healing and unity.

Visiting the Prince William Area 911 Liberty Memorial:

  • The memorial is free to visit and open to the public every day from dawn to dusk.
  • Guided tours are available upon request, providing deeper insights into the memorial's symbolism and the stories behind the names etched on its surface.

More than just a monument, the Prince William Area 911 Liberty Memorial is a powerful reminder of the fragility of life, the strength of the human spirit, and the enduring power of hope.

Additional Tips:

  • Combine your visit with a trip to the nearby Rippon Lodge Historic Site, offering a glimpse into colonial life in Virginia.
  • Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the serene surroundings of the memorial grounds.
  • Attend one of the special events held throughout the year, such as Memorial Day or Patriot Day ceremonies.

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7. Belmont Bay

Belmont Bay isn't just a place in Woodbridge, Virginia – it's a state of mind. It's where the sparkling waters of the Occoquan River meet a vibrant, friendly community, offering a smorgasbord of activities for every kind of adventurer.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Immerse Yourself in Nature's Playground:

  • Become a Captain: Rent a kayak, canoe, or pontoon boat and explore the serene coves and hidden inlets of the Occoquan River. Keep an eye out for bald eagles soaring overhead and fish frolicking in the water.
  • Cast a Line: Belmont Bay is a fisherman's paradise. Reel in largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, and more while soaking up the tranquility of the waterfront. Don't forget your fishing license!
  • Hike & Bike: Lace up your shoes or hop on your bike and traverse the miles of scenic trails that snake through Belmont Bay Park. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birdsong, and witness the beauty of the natural landscape.

Fuel Your Inner Thrill Seeker:

  • Zip into Excitement: Get your adrenaline pumping at the Go Ape Zipline & Treetop Adventure. Soar through the trees on thrilling ziplines, navigate wobbly bridges, and conquer challenging obstacles high above the forest floor.
  • Paddle Like a Pro: Take a stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) class and learn to glide effortlessly across the water. It's a fantastic workout, a chance to connect with nature, and tons of fun!

Unwind and Savor the Moment:

  • Picnic by the Bay: Pack a delicious spread and find a shady spot under a tree or on the sandy shores. Enjoy the breathtaking views, the gentle lapping of the waves, and quality time with loved ones.
  • Live Music & Waterfront Dining: Soak up the vibrant atmosphere at one of Belmont Bay's many waterfront restaurants. Savor fresh seafood, sip on cocktails, and enjoy live music while watching the sunset paint the sky with vibrant hues.

Belmont Bay is more than just a destination – it's an experience. It's a place to reconnect with nature, embrace adventure, and create lasting memories. So, grab your sunscreen, your sense of wonder, and head to Belmont Bay for a day (or a weekend!) of pure enjoyment.

Pro Tip: Belmont Bay hosts several events throughout the year, from farmers markets and craft fairs to music festivals and boat shows. Check the calendar before your visit to see what special happenings you can be a part of!

8. Muse Paintbar

Test your artistic talents and indulge in a world of creativity at Muse Paintbar. This dynamic venue offers a perfect opportunity for individuals, kids, friends, and colleagues to put their painting and artistry skills to the test.

Muse Paintbar

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, Muse Paintbar welcomes all who seek to learn and express themselves through painting, sculpture work, and the art of live drawings.

Muse Paintbar curates a diverse range of workshops and seminar classes, catering to individuals with a passion for developing their hand skills and artistic abilities.

These engaging sessions provide a platform for learning and growth, fostering a supportive environment for artists of all levels to flourish.

They extend scholarships to creative college students, offering them opportunities to showcase their talents in local and city-wide painting competitions.

This exposure beyond the boundaries of Woodbridge allows aspiring artists to gain recognition and experience the wider artistic community.

As a special treat, Muse Paintbar offers discounts through platforms like Groupon, making the artistic experience more accessible and affordable for all.

Furthermore, the creative works produced during these sessions have the potential to be showcased and sold, with credits attributed to the talented painters.

What to Expect:

  • Choose Your Canvas: Whether you're a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, Muse Paintbar has a painting for everyone. Their diverse calendar features themed nights like “Galaxy Painting” and “Starry Night,” classic landscapes, and even pet portraits. So grab your friends, family, or significant other, and get ready to unleash your inner artist.
  • No Experience Needed: The beauty of Muse Paintbar is that it's all about having fun, not being perfect. Their friendly and experienced instructors will guide you step-by-step, providing tips and tricks to help you create a masterpiece you'll be proud of. So don't worry if you haven't held a paintbrush since kindergarten; Muse Paintbar is the perfect place to rediscover your artistic side.
  • Paint and Sip: What's more fun than unleashing your creativity? Doing it with a glass of your favorite beverage in hand! Muse Paintbar offers a variety of beer, wine, and cocktails, so you can sip and socialize while you paint. It's the perfect girls' night out, date night, or team-building activity.
  • More Than Just Painting: Muse Paintbar isn't just about painting; it's about creating lasting memories. They offer private parties, corporate events, and even virtual painting sessions, so you can bring the fun to wherever you are.


  • Book your spot in advance, especially for popular themed nights and weekends.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting a little paint on.
  • Bring your creativity and sense of humor!

Muse Paintbar is a Woodbridge gem that offers a unique and fun experience for all ages. So whether you're a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, grab your brushes and get ready to unleash your inner masterpiece!

Pro Tip: After your painting session, head to one of Woodbridge's many restaurants or bars to celebrate your newfound artistic talent.

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9. The Leeslyvania State Park

Leesylvania State Park isn't just your average park – it's a sprawling 500-acre oasis nestled along the scenic Potomac River, offering a delightful blend of outdoor recreation, historical intrigue, and stunning natural beauty. Whether you're a history buff, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a relaxing escape from the city, Leesylvania has something for everyone.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Step Back in Time:

  • Lee Mansion: Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Lee family by exploring the 18th-century Lee Mansion. This National Historic Landmark offers guided tours that bring the past to life, showcasing the mansion's original furnishings and detailing the lives of its occupants, including Revolutionary War hero Richard Henry Lee.
  • Native American Village: Discover the fascinating history of the area's original inhabitants at the reconstructed Native American Village. Here, you can learn about their culture, traditions, and way of life through interactive exhibits and demonstrations.

Embrace the Outdoors:

  • Hiking and Biking: Lace up your boots or hop on your bike and explore miles of scenic trails winding through the park's diverse landscapes. Hike through forests, meadows, and wetlands, or enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the Potomac River.
  • Fishing and Boating: Cast a line in the Potomac River, teeming with bass, catfish, and crappie, or rent a kayak or canoe and paddle through the peaceful coves and inlets. The park also boasts a universally accessible fishing pier, making it a great spot for everyone to enjoy the thrill of the catch.
  • Picnicking and Swimming: Pack a picnic basket and find your perfect spot under the shade of a tree or in one of the spacious pavilions. Take a refreshing dip in the Potomac River on a hot summer day, or simply relax and soak up the sun on the sandy beach.

Family Fun:

  • Playground and Fitness Trail: Let the kids loose on the expansive playground, complete with swings, slides, and climbing structures. For the adults, a 20-station fitness trail provides a fun and challenging workout amidst the serene natural surroundings.
  • Visitor Center and Gift Shop: Discover interesting exhibits about the park's history, ecology, and wildlife at the visitor center. Pick up a souvenir or two at the gift shop, offering a variety of locally-made crafts and park-themed merchandise.

Leesylvania State Park is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. With its rich history, diverse outdoor activities, and family-friendly atmosphere, it's the perfect destination for a day trip or a weekend getaway. So, pack your bags, grab your sense of adventure, and head to Leesylvania for an unforgettable experience in Woodbridge, VA!


  • The park is open year-round from dawn to dusk.
  • Entrance fees are $5 for vehicles with Virginia license plates and $10 for out-of-state vehicles.
  • Check the park's website for seasonal events and programs.
  • Consider renting bikes, kayaks, or canoes for an added adventure.
  • Pack sunscreen, insect repellent, and plenty of water, especially during the summer months.

With these tips in mind, you're sure to have a fantastic time exploring Leesylvania State Park and all it has to offer. Remember, Woodbridge, VA, is more than just a city – it's a gateway to outdoor adventures and historical gems waiting to be unearthed. So, start planning your trip today and discover the magic of Leesylvania State Park!

10. Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life at the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, a serene oasis just 20 miles south of Washington, D.C. This 642-acre refuge protects a diverse array of habitats, from tidal marshes and freshwater ponds to upland forests and meadows.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Fun things to do at the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge:

  • Hiking and biking: Explore the refuge's four miles of trails, winding through forests, wetlands, and meadows. Keep your eyes peeled for white-tailed deer, foxes, turtles, and over 200 species of birds.
  • Wildlife watching: The refuge is a haven for birdwatchers, with bald eagles, osprey, herons, and many other species calling it home. A photography blind provides the perfect spot to capture stunning close-ups of feathered friends.
  • Fishing and crabbing: Cast a line in the Occoquan River or Potomac Creek for largemouth bass, catfish, and sunfish. Crabbing is also a popular activity, especially during the summer months.
  • Kayaking and canoeing: Paddle through the calm waters of the refuge's ponds and creeks, enjoying the tranquility of nature.
  • Picnicking: Pack a lunch and enjoy a relaxing meal surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Several picnic areas are available throughout the refuge.
  • Educational programs: The refuge offers a variety of educational programs for all ages, covering topics such as birdwatching, wildlife conservation, and the history of the area.
  • Special events: The refuge hosts a number of special events throughout the year, such as guided hikes, nature festivals, and family-friendly activities.

Tips for visiting the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge:

  • The refuge is open year-round, from sunrise to sunset.
  • Admission is free.
  • Pets are not allowed on the trails.
  • Be respectful of wildlife and their habitat.
  • Leave no trace.

The Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to spend a day enjoying the outdoors. With its diverse habitats, abundant wildlife, and variety of activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So lace up your hiking boots, grab your binoculars, and head to the refuge for a fun and rewarding experience.

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11. Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Neabsco Creek Boardwalk

Woodbridge, Virginia, offers a surprising blend of natural beauty and historical significance. One place that perfectly captures this essence is the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Neabsco Creek Boardwalk. This ¾-mile boardwalk isn't just a path for a leisurely stroll; it's a portal into a vibrant ecosystem teeming with life and steeped in history.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Winding through the serene wetlands of Neabsco Creek, the boardwalk provides a unique perspective on the rich tapestry of nature. Imagine yourself surrounded by tall grasses and marshes swaying gently in the breeze, filtering the water and creating a haven for diverse wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for great blue herons gracefully stalking prey, wood ducks paddling serenely, and mallards adding a splash of color to the scene. Listen for the melodious calls of songbirds and the rhythmic chirping of red-winged blackbirds – a symphony of nature that soothes the soul.

Beyond the ecological wonder, the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk whispers tales of the past. As you walk, you'll find yourself transported to a time when Native Americans called this land home, followed by European settlers who carved their own history onto the landscape. The boardwalk connects you to historic landmarks like Rippon Lodge and Leesylvania Park, offering glimpses into the lives and stories of those who came before us.

But the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk isn't just about history and nature; it's also about fun and adventure. The wide, ADA-compliant path is perfect for a family outing, a romantic stroll, or a solo escape into the tranquil embrace of nature. Take in the fresh air, exercise your legs, and let the worries of the world melt away as you immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you.

Here are some additional reasons to add the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk to your Woodbridge itinerary:

  • Educational opportunities: Interpretive signs along the way provide fascinating insights into the plants, animals, and history of the area.
  • Accessibility: The boardwalk is stroller- and wheelchair-friendly, making it enjoyable for everyone.
  • Picnic potential: Pack a lunch and find a serene spot on the boardwalk to enjoy a meal with a view.
  • Birdwatching heaven: With its diverse birdlife, the boardwalk is a paradise for birdwatchers of all levels.
  • Fishing fun: Cast your line at the designated fishing pier and see what you can catch.

So, lace up your walking shoes, grab your camera, and prepare to be enchanted by the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Neabsco Creek Boardwalk. It's an experience that will leave you refreshed, inspired, and with a newfound appreciation for the wonders of Woodbridge, Virginia.

12. Lazy Susan Dinner Theater: A Hilarious Evening of Food and Entertainment

Woodbridge's Lazy Susan Dinner Theater is a local institution, offering a unique blend of delicious food and side-splitting live entertainment. Whether you're a seasoned theatergoer or simply looking for a fun night out with friends and family, the Lazy Susan is sure to please.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Here's what you can expect from a night at the Lazy Susan:

  • A hearty buffet dinner: Before the show, you'll be treated to a heaping helping of comfort food favorites like roast beef, chicken, fish, pasta, salads, and desserts. The buffet is all-you-can-eat, so come hungry!
  • A hilarious live performance: After dinner, it's showtime! The Lazy Susan's talented cast of actors and singers will have you rolling in the aisles with their comedic antics and toe-tapping tunes. The theater's productions range from classic musicals and comedies to original revues and parodies, so there's something for everyone to enjoy.
  • A fun and interactive atmosphere: The Lazy Susan is all about audience participation. Be prepared to sing along, laugh out loud, and maybe even get called up on stage! The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to let loose and have a good time.

Tips for your visit:

  • Make reservations: The Lazy Susan is a popular spot, so it's always a good idea to make reservations in advance, especially on weekends.
  • Dress comfortably: There's no need to get dressed up for the Lazy Susan. Come in comfortable clothes that you can move around in and enjoy the show.
  • Bring cash: While the Lazy Susan accepts credit cards, it's always a good idea to bring some cash along for tipping.
  • Relax and have fun: The Lazy Susan is all about enjoying yourself. So sit back, relax, and let the good times roll!

Additional Information:

  • The Lazy Susan Dinner Theater is located at 10712 Richmond Highway in Lorton, Virginia.
  • The theater is open year-round.
  • Shows typically run from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Ticket prices vary depending on the show, but they are generally around $40-$50 per person.

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13. Northern Virginia Sailing School

Woodbridge isn't just riverside, it's a gateway to aquatic adventure! The Northern Virginia Sailing School (NVSS) nestled within Leesylvania State Park, offers a chance to harness the wind and explore the serene beauty of the Potomac River. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a landlubber yearning for a salty breeze, NVSS has something for everyone.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

For the novice:

  • Try Sail: Dip your toes (figuratively, of course!) into the world of sailing with a two-hour introductory session. Learn the basics, feel the thrill of the tiller, and discover if sailing is your nautical calling.
  • ASA 101 Basic Keelboat: Take the plunge with a four-segment course that equips you with the theoretical and practical skills to navigate 20′-27′ sloops. Learn sail terminology, points of sail, safety procedures, and even basic navigation – all while enjoying the fresh air and stunning river views.

For the experienced:

  • Bareboat Chartering: Rent a sailboat like a pro and captain your own adventure on the Potomac. NVSS offers a range of vessels for solo or group journeys, perfect for a romantic getaway, a family outing, or a friends' reunion.
  • Advanced Courses: Hone your skills with ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising, sharpen your racing tactics, or master the art of spinnaker handling. NVSS caters to all levels of aspiring skippers.

Beyond the lessons:

  • Friday Night Floats: Join fellow sailing enthusiasts for a relaxed evening cruise under the setting sun. Share stories, soak in the scenery, and unwind after a long week.
  • Special Events: Keep an eye out for NVSS's exciting events like regattas, Mother's Day cruises, and holiday celebrations. It's a great way to experience the vibrant sailing community and make new friends.

Bonus Tip: Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it on board, or grab a bite at the nearby Leesylvania State Park Marina Grill.

Whether you're seeking a new skill, a unique adventure, or simply a peaceful escape, the Northern Virginia Sailing School promises an unforgettable experience on the beautiful Potomac River. So, raise the sails, set your course for Woodbridge, and discover the joy of sailing with NVSS!

14. Waterworks Waterpark

Cool off and crank up the fun at Waterworks Waterpark, a Woodbridge summertime staple! This 16-acre aquatic wonderland offers thrills and spills for all ages, making it a perfect destination for families, friends, and groups seeking a refreshing escape.

Waterworks Waterpark

Dive into the Fun:

  • Speed Demons: Take the plunge on the heart-pounding slides like the Black Hole, a winding tunnel of darkness and twists, or the Lightning Bolt, a free-fall adrenaline rush.
  • Relax and Recharge: Float along the lazy river, soak up the sun in the wave pool, or unwind in the bubbling hot tub.
  • Junior Jammers: The little ones will have a blast in the tot-friendly Splash Zone, featuring pint-sized slides, sprinklers, and a giant water bucket that tips over for a refreshing surprise.
  • Family Floats: Grab a tube and cruise down the relaxing tube slide together, enjoying the splashy journey as a family.
  • Picnic Paradise: Spread out a blanket and enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade trees, or grab a bite at the concession stands offering snacks and refreshments.

Beyond the Slides:

Waterworks Waterpark isn't just about getting wet. You can also:

  • Challenge your friends to a game of mini golf.
  • Test your skills at the arcade.
  • Catch some rays on the spacious sun deck.
  • Shop for souvenirs at the gift shop.

Tips for Your Visit:

  • Purchase your tickets online for faster entry.
  • Arrive early, especially on weekends and holidays, to avoid long lines.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and a swimsuit.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.
  • Rent a locker to keep your valuables safe.

Waterworks Waterpark is a summertime must-do in Woodbridge, offering a splashtastic day of fun for everyone. So grab your swimsuit and towel, and get ready to make a splash!

Additional Information:

  • Website: https://www.cityofcf.com/places/water-works
  • Address: 14911 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodbridge, VA 22191
  • Hours: Varies depending on the season. Check the website for current hours.
  • Admission: Prices vary depending on age and day of the week. Check the website for current rates.

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15. BeeHive Indoor Playground

Escape the ordinary and let your little ones loose in a world of buzzing excitement at BeeHive Indoor Playground! This Woodbridge gem is more than just your average play place; it's a vibrant hive of activity where kids of all ages can climb, crawl, jump, and slide their way to endless giggles.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Reasons to Bee-line to BeeHive:

  • Age-appropriate Play Zones: Separate areas for toddlers, big kids, and even a dedicated arcade room ensure everyone has safe and stimulating fun.
  • Inflatable Extravaganza: Giant slides, bouncy castles, and obstacle courses provide hours of active entertainment that will leave little legs pleasantly wobbly.
  • Creative Buzz: Let imaginations soar with a dedicated arts and crafts corner, or channel inner rockstars in the mini music room.
  • Party Central: BeeHive is the perfect spot for birthday bashes, group playdates, or any excuse to gather the little ones for a celebration. Themed party packages and private rooms are available to make your event extra special.
  • Fuel the Fun: Refuel hungry explorers with kid-friendly snacks and drinks at the concession stand. Parents can relax and catch up in the comfortable seating area while keeping an eye on the action.

BeeHive Indoor Playground is more than just a place to play; it's a place to create memories that will last a lifetime. So put on your dancing shoes, grab your little adventurers, and get ready to be buzzed away by the infectious fun at BeeHive!

Pro Tips:

  • Check the BeeHive website or social media for special events and themed play days.
  • Socks are required for all participants, so don't forget to pack a spare pair!
  • Consider booking your visit in advance, especially for weekends and holidays.

With its vibrant atmosphere, engaging activities, and focus on safety and cleanliness, BeeHive Indoor Playground is sure to be a top contender on your list of fun things to do in Woodbridge, VA.

16. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Get ready to defy gravity and unleash your inner child at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Woodbridge, VA. This action-packed indoor arena is more than just a trampoline park; it's a wonderland of bouncing bliss for all ages.

Things To Do In Woodbridge Va

Soar through the air on interconnected trampolines, dodge your friends in exhilarating games of trampoline dodgeball, or test your skills on the warped walls and ninja warrior courses. Feeling adventurous? Plunge into the massive foam pit or scale the climbing walls for an adrenaline rush.

But Sky Zone isn't just about bouncing around. Here are some other fun things to do:

  • Challenge your friends on the SkySlam trampoline basketball courts. Think you can dunk like a pro? Here's your chance to find out!
  • Channel your inner warrior in the Warrior Zone, an obstacle course packed with rope swings, cargo nets, and climbing challenges.
  • Let loose in the Toddler Zone, a specially designed play area for the little ones to bounce safely and burn off some energy.
  • Fuel up after all that bouncing in the SkyCafe, serving up pizzas, snacks, and refreshing drinks.

Sky Zone is the perfect place to host a birthday party, team-building event, or just a fun day out with friends and family. With special programs and events throughout the year, there's always something new to experience at Sky Zone.

Tips for your visit:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. You'll be doing a lot of jumping!
  • Purchase your tickets online in advance to save time.
  • Arrive early, especially on weekends and holidays. Sky Zone can get crowded!
  • Lock up your belongings in the lockers provided.
  • Follow the safety rules and guidelines to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience.

With its high-flying fun and endless possibilities, Sky Zone Trampoline Park is sure to bounce its way onto your list of must-do things in Woodbridge, VA. So grab your friends and family, and get ready to jump into an unforgettable experience!

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17. Escape Room Woodbridge

Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes with a mind-bending adventure at Escape Room Woodbridge! Ditch the screens and step into immersive themed rooms overflowing with riddles, puzzles, and cryptic clues. Work together with your team (friends, family, or fellow sleuths) to decipher codes, unlock hidden passages, and ultimately escape before the clock strikes zero.

Escape Room Woodbridge

Here's why Escape Room Woodbridge deserves a spot on your Woodbridge to-do list:

  • Thrilling Variety: Dive into diverse adventures like Atlantis, where you hunt for the lost city's secrets, or The Following, where you track a cunning mastermind. Each room boasts unique puzzles and challenges, guaranteeing fresh excitement for every visit.
  • Challenge Accepted: Whether you're a seasoned escape artist or a curious newbie, Escape Room Woodbridge offers varying difficulty levels to test your problem-solving skills. Work your way up from beginner-friendly mysteries to mind-boggling expert puzzles that will have you scratching your head (and high-fiving when you crack them!).
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Communication, collaboration, and outside-the-box thinking are key to escaping. Bond with your group as you brainstorm, strategize, and celebrate each victory (or commiserate over near misses). It's the perfect activity for team building, family bonding, or simply forging new friendships with fellow puzzle enthusiasts.
  • More Than Just Escape: Escape Room Woodbridge isn't just about escaping. It's an adrenaline-pumping adventure filled with laughter, surprise twists, and the satisfaction of solving puzzles under pressure. Prepare for unexpected moments, hidden surprises, and maybe even a friendly dose of competition amongst your team.
  • Victory & Pizza Party: Escape the room within the time limit and you'll be hailed as heroes! Celebrate your triumph with a victory photo and (if you're feeling famished) indulge in a post-escape pizza feast – you deserve it!

Escape Room Woodbridge offers an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary. So grab your thinking caps, gather your team, and get ready for an adventure you won't soon forget!

Bonus Tip: Check out their website for special deals and discounts, like themed nights or group packages. And who knows, you might even score a coupon for that celebratory pizza!

Remember, with Escape Room Woodbridge, the only thing left to do is escape reality and dive into a world of thrilling puzzles and unforgettable memories!


Woodbridge, Virginia, is a great city with a variety of fun activities to enjoy with friends or family, as well as numerous sites to visit.

You can enjoy activities such as biking, hiking, shopping, and sightseeing at Museums and historical places. You can also visit artwork, lovely lakes, and a variety of other entertaining centers.

Begin making plans for your trip to Woodbridge, Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best fun things to do with kids?

These are the best fun things to do with kids near Woodbridge, VA:

  • BeeHive Indoor Playground
  • Penguin Paddling
  • Paint Your Heart Out
  • Castle Strasburg
  • Tamarack Stables

2. What are some popular outdoor activities to do in Woodbridge, VA?

Some popular outdoor activities in Woodbridge, VA include biking along scenic trails, hiking in local parks such as Leesylvania State Park, fishing in Occoquan Bay, and enjoying water sports on the Potomac and Occoquan rivers.

3. Are there any family-friendly attractions or activities in Woodbridge?

Woodbridge offers a range of family-friendly attractions and activities. Visit the Potomac Mills mall for shopping and entertainment, explore the interactive exhibits at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, have fun at the indoor trampoline park Sky Zone, or enjoy a day of play and learning at the Children's Science Center Lab.

4. What are the must-visit historical sites or museums in Woodbridge?

Must-visit historical sites and museums in Woodbridge include Rippon Lodge Historic Site, the oldest house in Prince William County, and the Weems-Botts Museum, which provides insights into local history.

The National Museum of the Marine Corps is also worth visiting to learn about the rich military history of the region.

5. Are there any shopping centers or malls in Woodbridge?

Yes, Woodbridge is home to the popular Potomac Mills mall, which offers a wide range of shopping options, including well-known brands, outlets, and specialty stores.

Additionally, the Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center is a vibrant shopping destination with a mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

6. Can you recommend any local events or festivals that take place in Woodbridge throughout the year?

Woodbridge hosts various events and festivals throughout the year. Some notable ones include the Woodbridge Fall Festival, which features live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities, and the Woodbridge Beer Fest, where you can sample craft beers from local breweries.

The Occoquan Arts and Crafts Show is also a highlight, showcasing the works of talented artists and crafters.

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