Victoria Falls Devil’s Pool: All You Need to Know Before You Visit.

Located on the crest of Victoria Falls, Devil's Pool is a natural pool of water that is renowned for having one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls. A tranquil pool of water forms right at the base of this gigantic waterfall's edge.

The Victoria Falls Devils Pool is the name given to this particular section. Furthermore, guests who are brave enough can actually swim in this pool that straddles the edge of Victoria Falls itself.

Victoria Falls Devils Pool is a swimming hole located in the Devil's Pool National Recreation Area. In Africa's Sub-Saharan region, Victoria Falls is a popular tourist spot. It's located near the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, on the Zambezi River.

Incredibly dangerous, Victoria Falls Devils Pool is a must-do adventure that even the most casual of thrill-seekers should add to their travel itinerary.

There's even the option of leaning over the brink of Africa's Victoria Falls while visiting Devil's Pool. In fact, visitors can literally go right up to the edge of what amounts to more than a 100-meter plunge from the waterfall.

This experience is every bit as amazing as it appears, and well-deserving of its notoriety. Hence, Victoria Falls Devil's Pool is the ultimate infinity pool on the planet.

Now, if you're interested in finding out how to replicate this experience, continue reading for suggestions and recommendations.

Victoria Falls Devils Pool

Victoria Falls is a natural marvel of the world and one of the world's seven natural wonders. Devil's Pool is located near Livingstone Island, which is perched on the edge of Victoria Falls.

For a visit to Livingstone Island, guests can opt for an adventurous swim to the edge of the falls.

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Spend your stay at the secluded Tongabezi safari lodge.

Tongabezi Lodge is a lovely refuge on the Zambezi River's banks, right upstream from Victoria Falls. Tongabezi, which is privately owned and operated, mixes an exquisite ambiance with the famed warmth and hospitality of the Zambian people.

Tongabezi safari lodge

Sindabezi Island is a great place to unplug.

Sindabezi Island is a one-of-a-kind destination that is a well-kept secret among discerning travelers. This picturesque, unique camp is located on our very own private island in the Zambezi River, and it is the only luxury bush camp from which it is possible to explore Victoria Falls comfortably.

Sindabezi Island
Sindabezi Island


What to Bring

  • A change of clothing – as you exit Devil's Pool, you'll want something dry to change into.
  • Bring or wear water shoes, such as these men's or women's water shoes. Alternatively, wear some old sneakers that you're not concerned about getting wet. Although you can visit Devil's Pool barefoot, we do not encourage it owing to the jagged and slippery submerged pebbles.
  • Money – You'll want to bring some cash to tip your guides. If you are traveling from Zimbabwe, you will additionally need $20 for a day-tripper visa to Zambia. Carry more cash for incidentals, a drink, or anything else you may desire to purchase.
  • Passport – If you're crossing the border from Zimbabwe, don't forget to get your passport. A passport is not required if you remain on the Zambian side.
  • Phone and/or Camera — If you're heading to Devil's Pool, bring something to chronicle the experience. Bring a water-resistant camera, such as a GoPro, with you. However, ensure that it is equipped with a floating handle attachment similar to this one.
  • Consider packing a waterproof phone case, such as this one, if you're bringing your phone. These low-cost protection cases are well worth the investment, even if a splash or a spill occurs in the Zambezi.
  • Sunblock – Protect yourself from sunburn in Africa's scorching sun. Additionally, apply 30 minutes before entering the water to prevent the product from washing off.
  • Non-DEET Insect Repellent — Because Victoria Falls is still classified as a malaria zone, it is necessary to bring insect repellent. However, consider leaving your strong DEET repellent at home, as it will wash off and affect the Zambezi River's environment, resulting in the death of fish and other flora and wildlife. Rather than that, consider using a natural mosquito repellent such as this prior to participating in any water-based activities.
  • Small Bag or Backpack – Intended just for the transportation of the foregoing things.
  • Courage – Bring some courage to Devil's Pool with you. This is critical when swimming alongside this massive waterfall.

You must swim the Zambezi.

Before arriving at Devil's Pool, Zambia, you must swim in the Zambezi River from Livingston Island to Devil's Pool. Many individuals are unaware of this.

Swim partially upstream for the first half of the swim to cross a section of the Zambezi River. The final half of the race requires you to swim over and down currents. There are guides available to assist you.

The current is not particularly powerful, but it exists nonetheless. The swim through the Zambezi occurs approximately 50–100 meters from the edge of Victoria Falls.

Weaker swimmers can wade through the water. Depending on water levels, the water is around stomach-deep here. Guides only clasp hands when needed.

Fish in the water.

There are fish in the river that bite and nibble at your legs. An unexpected shock when swimming near one of the world's tallest waterfalls is not something you want to experience. You shouldn't be afraid of them though, because they aren't aggressive or strong enough to endanger your life.


Bring a waterproof case/camera, phone, or Go Pro if you can. Their water spewing into the air has earned them the moniker The Smoke That Thunders (Mosi-oa-Tunya). Because you'll have to swim over the river, you can't bring too much camera gear, but one of the guides will carry it for you.

While one guide is in the water ensuring your safety and enjoyment, the other is balancing on the pool's edge taking your photos and films! Drones can only be flown with a license (they could actually get confiscated).

Which Items Should I Not Bring to Devil's Pool

Towels – You will not need to bring a towel, since one will be given for you.

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Safety at Devil's Pool

Is Victoria Falls' Devils Pool Safe?

Concerns around Victoria Falls Devil's Pool fatalities and safety are frequently the first questions asked about this insane trip.

So, is Devil's Pool safe? The answer is subjective. In general, we believe that Devil's Pool can be a relatively safe experience. However, safety is a subjective concept. And Victoria Falls Devil's Pool is not without important dangers that adventurers should be cautious of.

Within Victoria Falls Devil's Pool, a protruding rock lip prevents you from tumbling over the edge. Under the low water levels that allow you to enter Devil's Pool, you would have to make a concerted effort to climb up and over the natural barrier. This granite lip appeared to us to be solid and sturdy.

Could that rock eventually cave in? Perhaps. However, that seemed rather improbable from our perspective. Nonetheless, like with anything in life, there is an element of risk involved here.

So, any Devil's Pool Victoria Falls Accidents?

A few accidents have occurred at Devil's Pool.

The guides said most Devil's Pool injuries are from people stumbling on damp rocks. Take caution on these ledges! Don't relax just because you're not near the edge of the waterfall.

In addition to the risk of plunging from this massive waterfall, there is also the risk of encountering a hippo or crocodile in Devil's Pool. Yes, there are hippos and crocodiles in Victoria Falls' waters.

Guides scan the water for crocodiles before entering. Even though some guides never see crocodiles in Devil's Pool, the Zambezi is their natural habitat. A croc or hippo would be easily visible in these shallow waters. So, not sure it's a major danger.

It is possible to encounter deadly wildlife here. When taking the short boat ride to the pool, you can find some hippos along the way. Hence, is Devil's Pool 100% safe? No way, no how. Just look. You're hanging off the edge of one of the world's largest waterfalls, with crocs and hippos close!

Like anything in life, there are risks. You must assess the dangers based on your degree of comfort.

Despite this, the Devil's Pool is very comfortable. The knowledgeable advisors make you feel at ease. There are hardly any serious incidents, drownings, or croc attacks.

So, if you are considering a dive into Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls should weigh the consequences.

Is Devil's Pool Dangerous?

Not spooky at all, Devil's Pool is downright terrifying! But it's still a lot of fun. I mean, because you're actually on the verge of the world's largest waterfall.

If the dread of falling and the notion of crocs in the water aren't enough to scare you, there's another surprise in Devil's Pool. In Devil's Pool, there are fish that bite. It won't make you bleed, but it will make you jump. So be warned and don't be shocked enough to jump.

But the Devil's Pool is terrifying. We thought so. Each person assesses the dread aspect of this encounter differently. But we think most rational people would agree that the Devil's Pool is scary. Even with its high level of dread, Devil's Pool can be a blast!

Devil's Pool Death – Is there anyone who has died while crossing Victoria Falls?

As far as the tour guides are concerned, there have been no Devil's Pool Victoria Falls deaths on the Livingstone Island tour, which is the only tour that includes a dip in Devil's Pool. The guides' assertion hasn't been proven wrong by our extensive Internet study.

You may have read that in 2009, a tour guide died trying to save a tourist at Victoria Falls, but it's a false story. The Victoria Falls death wasn't at Devil's Pool. Not at the Victoria Falls, but elsewhere.

No one has died at Devil's Pool on the Livingstone Island tour, the only tour that can visit Devil's Pool, but there have been other fatalities at Victoria Falls.

A Devil's Pool in Australia, for example, has claimed many lives. A catastrophic Devil's Pool mishap wouldn't surprise us. But in order to keep the Devil's Pool's record of no deaths, swimmers must be cautious and observant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go alone?

No, you cannot visit the Devil's Pool alone. And why would you? The pool is only accessible via the Tongabezi Hotel's Livingstone Island trip, which departs from the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

Livingstone Island Launch Site 2

When should I go?

The Devil's Pool is only available seasonally, so plan your visit accordingly. It usually opens from mid-August to mid-January, when the river is lower (making it safer to swim in the river). October and November tend to be the finest months for low water levels.

Mother Nature has her own mind, therefore this may alter. From February to June, the pool is closed due to high water levels in the Zambezi.

Does Devil's Pool Have Lockers or Storage?

No, Devil's Pool does not have lockers or storage facilities, although they are not necessary. On the boat to Livingstone Island, you may bring a backpack or small bag. While swimming in Devil's Pool, you can safely leave this bag on Livingstone Island.

What Cameras Are Allowed at Devil's Pool Victoria Falls?

You are welcome to bring any cameras you wish to Livingstone Island. However, as you begin your swim to Devil's Pool, you are only permitted to bring mobile phones, handheld digital cameras, and GoPros.

You give your guide your phone or portable camera, which he properly stores in his dry bag. While you swim, the guide will carry your electronics to Devil's Pool for you. You may bring waterproof cameras, such as GoPros, into the water with you during the swim if you choose.

What Fitness Level Is Required to Swim in Devil's Pool?

To travel from Livingstone Island to Devil's Pool, you must swim or wade over a section of the Zambezi River. As a result, you must be physically fit to do so. There is no rope with which to cling. You must be able to cross the Zambezi River while it is flowing.

While there is no rope, the majority of the water is shallow enough that you can stand up and keep your head above water. If you experience terror throughout the swim, you should be able to stand up and avoid being carried downstream and being swept over the falls.

Nevertheless, we would not recommend visiting Devil's Pool Zambia to anyone who is unable to swim. Is that even possible? Perhaps. However, I would not.

Victoria Falls Devils Pool

It's acceptable if you're not a strong swimmer. Depending on the water level, you can wade across the Zambezi to Devil's Pool. Simply inform the guides. However, if you are unable to swim, Devil's Pool is probably not the expedition for you.

You are the most accurate judge of your fitness level and ability. However, the vast majority of individuals should be able to make it across.

The Devil's Pool difficulty is more mental than physical. You must conquer your phobia of swimming in this life-threatening pool.

Is Devil's Pool Age-Restricted?

Victoria Falls Devil's Pool is not suitable for children under the age of 12. The Livingstone Island Tour is available for children aged 8 and up. However, to swim in Devil's Pool, children must be 12 years old.

Is Devil's Pool Travel Insurance Required?

While not essential, travel insurance is strongly advised. Accidents do occur at Devil's Pool, and the trip operator accepts no responsibility for them. At the beginning of the Livingstone Island excursion, you must sign a waiver ensuring this.

Therefore, before departing on your African adventure, make certain you have travel insurance. This way, you should be covered in the event of an unforeseen incident in Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls (or anywhere else in Africa).

World Nomads offers the finest value for money when it comes to travel insurance. Therefore, if you intend to participate in other extreme sports while in Africa, consider their “Explorer” plan, which offers coverage for more adventurous activities in addition to the Standard coverage.

When Is the Best Time of Day to Visit Victoria Falls' Devil's Pool?

The optimal time of day to visit Devil's Pool depends on your schedule and money. Although we prefer early visits.

If you visit Devil's Pool during one of the morning tours, you can swim in Devil's Pool while the Zambian side's rainbows are visible. Additionally, the morning tours are the least expensive way to view Devil's Pool. As a result, the morning Devil's Pool visits are more affordable.

As a result of the probability of rainbows and the cost savings, we recommend visiting Victoria Falls in the morning.

Vitctoria Falls Devils Pool

However, do not discount lunch or high tea tours. There are several intriguing advantages to afternoon tours that you should absolutely examine. Tours of the Devil's Pool in the afternoon:

It includes beer and wine and lasts longer.

Therefore, if you want to unwind with a few drinks following your traumatic experience at Devil's Pool, those tours may be worthwhile.

With the lengthier afternoon tours, you'll spend roughly the same amount of time at Devil's Pool as with the morning visits. The afternoon tours, on the other hand, provide additional time on Livingstone Island for eating and drinking.

The High Tea trip lasts two hours, while the lunch excursion lasts two hours and thirty minutes. In comparison, the 90-minute morning Devil's Pool trip felt rushed. Thus, the afternoon High Tea tour adds a whole hour to your visit!

Where Is Victoria Falls' Devil's Pool? Directions & Location

To reach Devil's Pool Victoria Falls, you must first travel to this region of Southern Africa. To reach Victoria Falls in Africa, you can fly into one of the following airports:

The Devil's Pool is located on the Zambezi River, which also serves as the boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone, Zambia, or Victoria Falls Airport on the Zimbabwean side. Although Devil's Pool is located in the center, it is approached from the Zambian side. Nonetheless, it is easily accessible from the Zimbabwean side of the river via a day trip to the Zambian side of the falls.

Where Does the Victoria Falls Devil's Pool Tour Begin?

The Devil's Pool begins on Victoria Falls' Zambezi side, at a location known as the “Launch Site.” This is located along the Zambezi River's banks, between the Royal Livingstone Hotel and Livingstone town.

Note: Previously, the meeting site was at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. However, there's been a change since January 1, 2019.


Additionally, we recommend arriving at least a half-hour early at the Launch Site. The Devil's Pool trips operate on a rigorous schedule, and you do not want to chance missing one.

Victoria Falls Devil's Pool Pricing And Booking Information

Getting a Reservation.

Because of its location on Livingstone Island, the Devil's Pool is only accessible through the Tongabezi Lodge's Livingstone Island excursion, which I stated above.

However, you are not required to stay with them in order to purchase the experience; you may book it through any hotel, hostel, tour company, or travel agency of your choosing. Every single one of them will have to pass through Tongabezi.)

Generally speaking, I believe the price remains consistent throughout all categories. Make sure to book at least a week (if not more) in advance, regardless of who you are booking with.

You may guess that it is frequently sold out due to the restricted number of available spaces.


Devil's Pool Victoria Falls in Zambia is one of the world's most famous swimming pools. The price of the Devil's Pool Tour varies depending on whether you include the Livingstone Island Tour in your breakfast, lunch, or high tea package.

There is no tour available that does not include a meal and a trip to Livingstone Island.

Current (2020) Devil’s Pool prices are:

Breakfast (7:30, 9:00, 10:30) costs $110
Lunch (12:30) costs $175
High Tea (15:30) costs $150

What Is Included in the Price of the Victoria Falls Devil's Pool Tour.

The Devil's Pool Victoria Falls trip (alternatively referred to as the Livingstone Island tour) consists of the following:

Note: No alcoholic drinks are served at breakfast (neither complimentary nor for purchase), but lunch and high tea include an assortment of wine and beer. It's worth noting that the “high tea” tour does not include tea.

  • The Launch Site is a five-minute boat ride away from Livingstone Island.
  • A complimentary beverage upon arrival.
  • A tour of Livingstone Island in less than an hour
  • Devil's Pool (Swimming)
  • Two group guides (one who takes photos, another who assists in the pool).
  • After exiting Devil's Pool, towels are provided for your use.
  • A meal — either breakfast, lunch, or high tea, depending on the Devil's Pool trip you've purchased.
  • Throughout the dinner, beverages are offered.
Delicious Meal

Not Included in the Price of the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls

  • Guides Tips.
  • Transport fare to and from the Launch Site
  • Camera – While photography is included, participants are expected to bring their own.
  • Visa fees for Zimbabweans.

Where Payment is Not Required

The Victoria Falls World Heritage National Monument Site, which is located within Zambia's Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, does not need admission fees. Due to the fact that Livingstone Island and Devil's Pool are not included in the National Park, there is no admission fee.

How to Get to Devil's Pool from Zimbabwe

Only Zambians have access to Devil's Pool. If staying in Zimbabwe, a day trip to Devil's Pool is easy.

Just be aware of the visa fees for traveling between Zimbabwe and Zambia, which vary by nationality. Most nations will need $20 for a Zambia day tripper visa (on arrival).


Also, when entering Zimbabwe, make sure you get a double-entry visa (on arrival). The double-entry visa to Zimbabwe costs $45, compared to $30 for other nationalities. (Sorry, no single entry visas for Canadians!)

If you arrive in Zimbabwe without a double-entry visa, you will be required to purchase two single-entry visas, each costing $30 ($60).

If you are traveling to Zimbabwe and taking a day trip to Zambia for Devil's Pool, your visa costs will be $65 in total.

Check for the $50 KAZA Uni-Visa: A $50 visa permits you to travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia for 30 days. If accessible, take use of it. This KAZA Uni-Visa tends to come and go. If it's available during your vacation, acquire it. This website updates visa availability.

The Kaza Uni-Visa was still available at the Zimbabwe-Zambia border in November 2018. The KAZA Uni-Visa may be available if flying into Harare, but not at other airports or border crossings. If the KAZA Uni-Visa is available upon entry into Zimbabwe, it is advised to obtain it.

Other Ways to Enjoy the Falls

There are various ways to enjoy Victoria Falls if you are unable to visit the Devil's Pool. Activities include bungee jumping, zip-lining, abseiling, and white-water rafting. A helicopter ride over the falls can also provide magnificent views.

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